Welcome to Cosmic Rhadio, the definitive source for our musical loot. Songs and skits posted may go through several revisions on the site, it's all part of the process. Listen, download, share, and enjoy!

Most Downloaded

1. Pyromania
2. Cosmic Rhadio or Die!
3. Victory Lap
4. Just for you
5. Stinger 1

Most Played

1. Just for you
2. Victory Lap
3. Cosmic Rhadio or Die!
4. Pyromania
5. Stinger 1



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1. Stinger 1 0:31 Download
2. Just for you 1:34 Download
3. Cosmic Rhadio or Die! 1:40 Download
4. Victory Lap 1:27 Download
5. Pyromania 2:41 Download